Photo Workshop/Adventure Details and Policies


All workshops begin on the evening of the first day, unless otherwise noted.  The final workshop schedule will be handed out at this time, along with detailed maps and other information.  



Workshop participants make their own reservations for accommodations.  Workshop tuition does not include the cost of accommodations.  Hotel and camping options in the area where the workshop is being held can be provided upon request.  Due to the more remote nature of most workshop locations, camping (tent, trailer/motorhome, yurt) may allow participants to spend less time driving to and from the shooting locations.



Workshop tuition does not include the cost of meals.  For some workshops, one or more post-processing sessions may be held at a restaurant for meeting purposes.  Also, due to the active nature of the workshop,  you will want to bring plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for each day.



Workshop tuition does not include transportation.  It is very likely, however, that once the workshop begins, participants will want to take advantage of carpooling.  If you are interested, please let me know prior to the beginning of the workshop and I will make arrangements.



It is highly recommended that you use a digital camera for the workshop.  Most participants will use digital SLR type 35mm or medium format cameras with changeable lenses.  While this is not a requirement, it will allow you the best opportunity to take advantage of the post-processing sessions using your most current images.

If you plan to use a film camera, be sure to bring several rolls of film per day.  Also, plan to bring other images from your portfolio to use during the post-processing sessions.

A detailed recommended equipment list will be provided upon registration, and will be specific to each workshop or adventure.



In each post-processing session, we will engage in several activities specific to the group needs.  This may include:

  • Processing images from the previous field shoot, or from participant portfolios

  • Discussing workflow techniques for faster, better results

  • Composing, capturing and processing towards a personal photographic vision

  • Blending techniques for focus and dynamic range

  • Advanced stitching and blending techniques

  • Luminosity masks

  • Creating dynamic compositions

  • Twilight photography

The specific topics covered in each session will be included in the final workshop schedule.

Each session is designed to give participants hands-on time processing portfolio images.  These could be images from the workshop field shoots, or portfolio images captured at another time.  It is recommended that you have your own laptop loaded with Photoshop, preferably version CS3 or newer.  It is also recommended that you bring in at least 10 portfolio images captured outside of the workshop that you would like to process.



The final session of each workshop will begin with an opportunity for participants to share up to 20  images from their portfolio.  These could be images created during the workshop, or other images.  This will be a group review/critique, and is optional.  Images can be in digital or printed format.  



Registration for each workshop or adventure is available online.  To register, or request information, visit and go to the “workshops” page.  You can also follow this link: Workshops and Adventures

Full payment of registration tuition is due 45 days prior to the first day of the workshop.  A deposit of $100 may be made prior to this time in order to hold your spot in the workshop.  



All requests for cancellation must be received in writing.

Cancelling more than 45 days before the workshop:  Full refund of any tuition paid or deposit made, less a $5.00 processing fee.  

Cancelling 45 - 21 days before the workshop: Refund of tuition, forfeit of deposit.

Cancelling less than 21 days before workshop: Forfeit of tuition and deposit.  



In the very unlikely event that the workshop or adventure is cancelled, you will receive a refund of all tuition and/or deposits paid.  At that time, you will be given the option to receive the full refund, or apply the amount to a future workshop or adventure.



Dynamic landscape photography requires dynamic weather.  I design each of my workshops and adventures to take advantage of the best seasons and months in which a location can be photographed.  (My images attest to the fact that I have spent much time in all weather conditions, and I have found that -- by far -- the most engaging and inspiring images come when the weather is not "blue sky".  In particular, shifting clouds and conditions always seem to lead to the most exciting and beautiful photographic situations!)  Weather is, of course, highly unpredictable, and therefore I cannot guarantee "perfect weather" -- whatever that may be -- for my workshops or adventures.  You can be sure that you will learn about fantastic places to shoot, and this will allow you to return to the area when you feel weather conditions are more favorable.  You will also learn cutting edge capture and post-processing techniques, both of which you can take with you into your next photo shoot.  

At the same time, I do recognize that weather, especially in the Northwest, can become "socked-in" and photographic opportunities become virtually non-existent.  This happens when a front moves in to rain for days and days, or sometimes weeks on end.  If this occurs, and it is clear that the weather will produce only constant rain throughout the workshop, then I will cancel the workshop or adventure. (See above for event cancellation information.)  



Participant safety is a critical part of my workshops and adventures.  As much as possible, I try to communicate the expected difficulty level of the hiking or trekking that can be expected.  Nonetheless, it is important that each participant recongizes the following:

  • Wilderness travel (on trails, off-trail, in snowy, wet, cold or extremely hot conditions) holds inherent risks.  Mild, serious and fatal injuries are possible even if all safety guidelines are being observed.  

  • Wilderness travel requires special skills and physical conditioning.

  • It is the participant's sole responsibility to ensure that they are adequately fit for the workshop conditions and expected physical and mental demands.

  • It is the participant's sole responsibility to know their own limits and to remain within those limits at all times.

  • It is the participant's responsibility to act in ways that are safe, and that in no way impinge upon the safety of others.

As part of registration, you will be required to sign a medical and liability release form.  This will be provided in your registration packet.