Photo Workshops and Adventures

As a professional educator, wilderness guide, and accomplished photographer, I find the greatest joy in sharing my experiences and skills with others.  After 20 years of teaching in the classroom and on the trail, I recognize how important it is to begin the teaching process by listening.  That is what makes my photo workshops and adventures unique: I begin by listening to you!

When you register for a workshop, I’ll ask you several questions that let me know where you are in your photographic journey, and what specific things you want to learn.  I take your responses plus those of other workshop participants and create a series of sessions that address the learning needs of everyone in the group.  Because of this, I guarantee that you will come away from the workshop with new ideas and skills that are specific to you and your photographic vision.

During each session, and throughout the workshop, I work closely with you to improve your capture and post-processing skills.  I'll help you create "dynamic" compostitions using techniques for encreasing depth of field, dynamic range and visual interest that reflect your personal style and vision.    

All of my workshops and adventures are limited to small groups, so that you will get one-on-one instructional time plus plenty of fun small group interaction. "Workshops" are generally less strenuous, and include multiple post-processing sessions interspersed with photo shoots in the field.  "Adventures" are more strenuous, may include overnight wilderness travel (backpacking or cross-country), and are focused on photographing more exotic locations.

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